Friday, June 26, 2009


Here are a couple new pictures that my friend Amy took of us.

Monday, June 8, 2009


Here's the latest update on our journey...

All paperwork has been updated, notarized and apostilled. Next step is translation. After everything is translated into Russian, our updated packet will be sent to Kazakhstan. As all things in this process, it takes TIME!

We still have no idea when we will be traveling, but are crossing our fingers that it is late summer/early fall.

We've been doing a lot of research on Petropavlovsk and think that we will both be able to work, at least somewhat, while we are over there. We are so glad to be able to work while we are there to help pass the time and still stay "connected" to our work families.

Dustin and I have updated our paperwork to read that we are open to adopting a child 6mos - 36mos in age; as well as a sibling group, with the oldest sibling being no older than 36mos. We've been working on name options and reading up on toddler adoptions, developmental delays and all the other things that we think might be helpful to us. If any of you have good reading recommendations - let me know.

--Cortney & Dustin