Monday, April 27, 2009


Hey everyone! No bigs news to report, but wanted to keep you updated on what's happening. We have finished updating all of our paperwork that had expired and soon Kazahkstan will have a fresh, updated copy of everything! The update took a little longer than we thought with some hold-ups with our doctors and notaries! Now that our paperwork is updated, we really need to focus on learning Russian! April of 2007 is when we first started the adoption process and it has been 2 years this month! Crazy to think that it has been this long, but we keep telling ourselves that we must be getting close to the end!

This weekend we went to Target and started the Stone Family Pharmacy! We stocked up on all the meds we could possibly need while in Kaz for us and the little Stone!

Keep your fingers crossed for us and hopefully we will hear some news soon!

Cortney & Dustin