Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Sad news for The Stone's

This week we've received some sad news...

1. Our dossier is stilllllllll at the Consulate.
2. Once our dossier leaves the consulate, we will have at least a 6 month wait until we travel. (According to our agency)
3. There are some in-country delays re: Kaz passports right now, so our agency is recommending 2 trips instead of one.

It looks as though we won't have her by Christmas, which I was really hoping for. I'm trying really hard to stop setting expectations for the rest of this process, since I keep getting let down. It's just so hard for me, I am such a planner - I can't help it.

How will we ever be able to go to Kazakhstan, find our child, bond with her and then come home without her for 3 weeks? Will I be strong enough?

Too many emotions for now. Maybe I will be able to write more on it later this week.